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Auction Portfolio

Auction portfolio

Leading Manufacturer of Radar & Laser Detectors Complete, Immaculate 85,000SF Late Model SMT & Test Facility - Machines as Late as 2015 Featuring Late Model SMT Equipment, (Qty 6) 2007 Fuji Placement Machines, 800 Fuji Feeders, Test Assembly, Facility & Support

Mississauga, Ontario Canada

  • SALE TYPE: Online Auction
  • DATE & TIME:
    Started: Tuesday, May 23rd
    Closing Began: Wednesday, May 24th
  • LOCATION: Mississauga, Ontario Canada
  • PREVIEW: Tuesday, May 23rd from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (EDT)

    (Qty 6) 2007 Fuji Model XPF-L Placement Machines
    2012 VI Technology Automated Optical Inspection Unit, Type 5k
    2011 Koy Young 3D Solder Paste Machine, Model KY8030-2
    2009 Yes Technology YTX 3000 Series High Res X Ray System
    (Qty 2) Speedline/MPM Model UP2000 HiE Screen Printer
    2009 Den Den Instruments Model RD-500SIII RD Series BGA/SMT Rework Machine
    2015 Cab Maestro 4S/450 PCB Separator
    2012 Precision Products Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning System, Model PPC-N29 TP
    Fuji Auto Tool Revolver/Late
    (Qty 2) Folungwin & Speedline Tech Reflow Soldering Ovens
    Fuji CP 643 E Chipshooter
    (10) Dynaspace / Flexlink/Conveyor Technologies Conveyors


    (Qty 350) Fuji 8 MM Feeders/ W8
    (Qty 50) Fuji 12 MM Feeders/ W12
    (Qty 30) Fuji 16 MM Feeders/ W16
    (Qty 35) Fuji 24 MM Feeders/ W24
    (Qty 8) Fuji 32 MM Feeders/ 32E/ 3 44 MM
    (Qty 362) P4 Feeders/ 8 MM
    (11) Feeder Carts/ McDry Cabinet Model DxU 1001


    (Qty 11) To 2014 Tescom Pneumatic RF Shied Box, Model TC-5916AP
    (Qty 2) Aeroflex 492 RF Shield Box
    Spectracom GSG-5 Series Multi-Channel Advanced GNSS Simulator - GPS tester
    (Qty 5) HP Model 5350B Microwave Frequency Counters
    (Qty 5) Tektronix TDS1001B 40MHz Digital Oscilloscope
    (Qty 5) Tektronix TDS1002, Digital Oscilloscope 60 MHz - 2-channel
    (Qty 6) Custom Test Chambers


    (Qty 50) Sections of Pallet Racking, 8' W X 42" D X 24' H ( 4-8 Tier) Wire Decking
    2015 Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Model GA22VSD T, 30 HP
    Atlas Copco GA 22 Air Compressor, 132 PSI , 30HP,
    2015 Purestream Air Dryer, Model Act150-UE, 150 SCFM
    Toyota Electric Standup Rider, Model 7BRU18, S/N &BRU18-34626, 3,500 Lb Cap
    Crown Wav50-118, Lift, ,118 Platform Lift Ht, 3000 lb Cap
    Genie Electric Scissor Lift, Model GS2632, 500lb Capacity, Like New
    50 Sections Metal Shelving / 7 Tier
    Branson Ultrasonic Welder, Model 910iw
    Cincinnati Sub Zero Model Z16 Plus Test Chamber

    High End Late Model Modern Executive Office Furniture & Conference Rooms

    Approx. 100 Workstations, Arlink Single & Dual Sided Rework Stations, Arlink Nice Work Benches, Fans, BK Precision & HiosPower Supplies, Zebra Printers, 50 Hakko Soldering Stations / 50 Weller WES 51 Soldering Stations, FX 951, 10 Hakko Fume Extractors FA 430, Microscopes, 100 Metro Carts , 100 Chairs, Numerous Computers, Soldering Guns, Racks, Benches, Scales, Delta Regis Precision Screw Feeders, BK Precision Power Supplies, Lockers, Carts, Pallet Jacks, Racks, Work Tables, 4 Despatch Furnaces, Cabinets w Tools & Inspection, Metal Barstock, Shop Vacs, Tool Cabinets, Tools Benches, Ladders, Maintenance Department with Tos 20" x 48" Engine Lathe & Bridgeport Vertical Mill, Much More


    Todd Moutafian

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