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Auction Portfolio

Auction portfolio

State of the Art Clinical Stage Biotechnology Laboratory and Analytical Equipment High Quality HPLC’s, Microscopes, Homogenizers, Freezers, Centrifuges Pilot Plant incl: Tablet Presses, Fluid Bed Dryers, V Blenders, Mills, Hi-Shear Granulators Late Model Plant and Lab Support Equipment

South San Francisco, CA

  • SALE TYPE: Online Auction
  • DATE & TIME:
    Started: Tuesday, February 28th
    Closing Began: Wednesday, March 1st
  • LOCATION: South San Francisco, CA
  • PREVIEW: Monday, February 27th from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (PST)

    Agilent BioCel 1800 Velocity ll automated loading platform with (2) Cytomat cryo freezers
    Agilent BioCel 1200 Velocity ll automated loading platform with Cytomat cryo freezer


    (20) Assorted ThermoForma, Biological Safety, & Hanson laboratory hoods, Class ll
    Agilent Technologies Liquid handling platform
    ThermoFisher Neon Transfection System, electroprtation device
    (20) Forma Scientific CO2 water jacketed and Direct heat incubators
    (18) assorted Thermo Scientific, Sanyo, & Revco sub zero (-82 degrees) incubator/freezer cabinets
    (30) assorted Precision and VWR Scientific lab top incubators
    (15) assorted lab top centrifuges/homogenizers
    Omni International model 24 Bead Mill Homogenizer with Br-Cyo Nitrogen cooling unit (Cryogenic)
    CBS Isothermal V300-AB Nitrogen cryovac freezer


    X Map Technology Flexmap 3D Multiplexing machine
    Leica CM1950 Cryostat
    Thermo Scientific Wellmate stacker
    Leica Bond RX

    LABEL PRINTING model CMTL-96 Mklll micro tube labeler
    Scinomix model Sci-print VXL vial label printer


    Nikon Eclipse Ti-E (4) port inverted microscope system, for high-end live cell imaging
    Molecular Devices ImageXpress microscope with Thermo Scientific loader, laser imaging
    Nikon Eclipse Ti-S (4) port microscope


    (2) Bio Tek model EL406 biostack loaders
    (2) Thermo Scientific model Sorvall Lynx 6000 & RC5C centrifuges
    Beckman model Alegra 6 centrifuge
    Bio-Rad model C1000 Touch Thermal cycler


    (2) New Brunswick Scientific models C25 and Innova 44 incubator orbital shaker cabinets refrigerated
    Nogren Systems model CP-7200 colony picker with Micro Scan
    Alpha Innotech Alphalmager HP


    Minolta model SRX 101 medical plate film processor
    Cryogenic Upright Low Temp Freezer Room
    (5) Panasonic model VIP Plus -150degree freezers
    (3) Thermo models Revco Ultima Plus & Revxo UXF freezers


    Agilent Series 1100 HPLC
    Hewlett Packard Series 1100 HPLC
    Beckman Coulter model PA800, Proteomelab Protein Characterization System with Laser Module 488nm
    GE Akta Pure Sampler with Fraction Collector F9-C
    Beckman Coulter model Alegra B centrifuge
    Trinean model Xpose Dropsense 16, mcro volumn spectrophotometer


    Zeiss model Invertoskop (3) port microscope
    (2) New Brunswick Scientific model Innova44 incubator orbital shaker cabinets refrigerated
    BioCare Medical DeCloaking chamber (HIER)


    Primus model PSS5-E-MSSD autoclave
    Lancer model 1600 UPSS glass washer


    (2) Nikon TMS (3) port microscopes
    Perkin Elmer model 1420 multilabel counter
    Elx model 405 plate washer
    Thermo Electron Corp model Shandon Finesse 325
    Alpha Innotech Fluor Chem FC2
    Nikon model TS100 (3) port microscope
    Seahorse model XF243 extracellular flux analyzer with Prep Station model XF
    Invitrogen neon transfection system


    Aushon Bio System Cylspin 4 with Beckman centrifuges and Thermo Scientific Printmate 450
    Thermo Electron Corp model CryoPlus 2 Cryovac freezer (Cryogenic Storage System with Nitrogen tank
    FlexMap 3D Human Cytokine Panel
    Nikon Eclipse E400 (4) port microscope
    Miltenyl Biotec Auto Macs
    Aglient Bravo SRT
    Mac's elution station
    Biotek analytical system with tube writer
    Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5 with Spectra Max Paradigm multi mode detection platform
    MDS Analytical Tech AquaMax model 4000 with AquaMax cell wash head (96 format)
    Molecular Devices Skan washer 400
    Beckman Coulter Biomek NXMC with Agilent plateloc
    Perkins Elmer Wallac Victor 2 with Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell XR analyzer


    Glatt "Midi Gatt" fluid bed dryer, sn 9656
    Korsch model XL100 tablet press, 10 station, sn K1510156 (2007)
    Key International high shear granulator/mixer, table top, approx (1) gallon
    Lobe Pharma SS "v" blender, table top, miniblend
    Pharma Alliance mode F-2 friabiltor
    Quadro Mill model U3-0024,
    Stokes B2 tablet press
    Sturtevankt Inc "0 Micronizer" grinder


    Todd Moutafian

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