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Auction Portfolio

Auction portfolio

Late Model Metal Fabrication, CNC Bending & Machining Complete Closure of 110,000 SF Silver Creek Facility

San Jose, CA

  • SALE TYPE: Online Auction
  • DATE & TIME:
    Started: Tuesday, September 24th
    Closing Began: Friday, September 27th
  • LOCATION: San Jose, CA
  • PREVIEW: Tuesday, September 24th from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (PDT)
  • CNC Bending
    2016 Soco CNC Bender, SB-52X 10A-25-V-U, S/N 0216SB52, 2"" Capacity
    2016 Model Smart CNC Bender (BLM Group), S/N 613160501044, 5/8"" - 3/4"" Capacity
    Pines Hydraulic Bender, S/N 107-50-53-2124, 2"" Capacity
    Powermatic Vertical Band Saw, Model 87, S/N 098700, w/ Butt Weld & Grind Attachment
    Leonard Douglas Bend Master Model MB Hydraulic Bender, S/N 220
    MK Tile Saw
    Ridgid Drill Press
    Bending Dies
    HEM Horizontal Band Saw, Model Twister, S/N 744500, w/ Roller Feed
    2006 HEM Horizontal Band Saw, Model H90A-4, w/ Roller Feed
    Kalamazoo Cold Saw Model FS350S
    (2) Scotchman BEW Abrasive Cut-Off Saws
    2016 Tiger Shop Precision Cut-To-Length

    CNC Machining
    2000 Haas CNC Vertical Machining Center Model VF-1, S/N 21222, 20-HP, Vector Drive
    Southwestern Industries Trak TRL 1440 EX CNC Lathe, S/N 081SA16372, w/ Proto Trak ELX Controls
    (3) ProtoTrak DPM Vertical CNC Mill, w/ Trak A.G.E.3 Controls, Power Draw Bar
    2013 Acra Vertical Mill, 1.5-HP, Modell LCM-50, DRO, Power Table, Power Draw Bar
    2013 Haas VF-5/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center, S/N 1089024, 24-Position ATC
    Haas 4th-Axis HRT 210, #190
    2007 Haas TM-2 CNC Vertical Machining Center, S/N 1058371
    2008 Sunshine Machinery Lathe RML14X40

    Sheet Metal Fabrication
    2016 Mitsubishi HV2-R Laser Model ML3615HV2-R, Tube Cutting Cap., 8700 Power on Hours, 7444 Laser, 10' Bed, 3500 kW Laser, w/ Mitsubishi 45CP-R CO2 Laser, 1"" Cutting Cap.
    2014 Amada HD 1003 ATC, 100-Ton Press Brake, S/N 10034097, 10', w/ Astro ATC, w/ AMNC Controls
    2016 Haeger Model 824MSP-LE-R Pemserter, S/N 8MSPe1030
    (2) Amada RG-80 Press Brake, 80-Ton, 6' Bed, NC9-EXII
    Amada Press Brake Tooling, (18) Bottoms, (15) Tops, 15-100
    Amada Vipros 357 Turret Punch Press, S/N 35710677, w/ Amadan 04P-C Controls
    Bridgeport Vertical Mill 1,5-HP, w/ Acu-Rite DRO
    Amada SPH-30 Punch Press, w/ Amadan SS 104
    Amada M-2045 Shear, 8', S/N 2407878
    AEM Belt Sander 36"
    Strippit Punch & Die Grinder
    Amada ESI Punch & Die Grinder
    Burr King Belt Sander

    2018 Orbitalum 4" / 170mm Orbital Welding Heading, w/ Orbitalum Orbimat 300 CA Orbital Welding Power Supply
    (2) 2014 Miller Synchrowave 350LX
    (14) 2016-2014 Miller Dynasty 350
    (8) 2016-2014 Miller Millermatic 350P
    Veeco MS40 Leak Detector
    Alcatel 181T2DPlus Leak Detector
    (5) Acorn Welding Tables Weldsorte 5x10'
    Numerous ARC Orbital Welders as new as 2018
    2016 MK Products Welding Turntables
    (2) Freestanding 2-Ton Bridge Cranes, w/ (2) 2-Ton Bridges 40' Span, Approx. 150' Length

    Plant Support & Misc
    Caterpillar 12,000-Lb LPG Forklift, Model GC55K-STR
    Yale 5,000 lb, LPG Forklift
    Contents of Parts Cage & Shipping
    Fox Cardboard Baler
    Brigmann Compactor
    2016 Atlas Copco ZT55VSD Air Compressor
    2006 Atlas Copco ZT 75 Air Compressor
    (2) 2016 Atlas Copco Driers CD 230
    AquaFine EVOQUA DI Water System
    Spanco 3-Ton Gantry Crane, 30' Span
    Cleanroom Contents Incl Orbital Welders, Leak Detectors, Height Gauges, Granite Surface Plates, Work Benches, Carts
    Crest Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks, DI Water System
    Too Many Support Items to List!

    QC Department
    2015 Hexagon Metrology Global Classic Silver 575 CMM
    206 Faro Measuring Arm
    Quality Control Department, Mics, Gages, Height Gages, Granite Surface Plates, Optical Comparator



    Todd Moutafian

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