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Our proprietary online auction platform allows for access to the highest quality selection of manufacturing equipment and access to a global audience of buyers.


1. How will a winner be determined?
An auction will begin with many lots offered at one time. When the auction closes, the highest bidders for each lot will win the available assets at their actual bid price plus a 16% Buyers Premium.

2. What is the Buyers Premium charged to each item?
The Buyers Premium is 16% for all assets purchased. Charging this fee is a standard industry practice and will appear on your invoice like a tax.

3. When there are multiple bidders with the same auto-bid price bidding for
the same item who is outbid?

X-Line Asset Management rewards the earlier bidder, so the most recent bid will be dropped first. In addition, if a bidder has a max auto-bid placed and someone matches that same auto-bid the system will accept the first auto-bid. This can often result in what appears to be a bidder placing a bid twice in a row. Tie goes to the first auto-bid placed.

4. When does the auction close?
X-Line auctions commences by individual auction item. To view the closing time of an auction, refer to that individual auction page for details.

Each item will have a posted beginning closing time (such as Tuesday August 2, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.) at which time the “going, going…gone” period begins. The auction will remain open past the posted closing time only if bidders are actively placing bids. This is akin to a live auction when the auctioneer shouts “going once, twice, . . .” at which time a bidder can put in a last second bid before the auction actually closes. The going, going gone phase lasts until there are no bids placed in a 5 minute span. You will know the Going, Going, Gone Phase has begun when you see the little birdie dancing at the top of the category page.

5. Why isn’t my bid showing up online?
Refresh your browser and clear your cache!! Many people have the cache set on their browser so that pages are saved to your computers hard drive. We therefore recommend setting your browser cache to “0”, or click the “reload/refresh” button often.

6. Can I cancel or change a bid?
No, each bid is a binding contract to purchase that lot and this would be unfair to other bidders. Once you submit a bid, it cannot be cancelled. If your bid is successful, you will win the auction for that lot. If you do not pay for your invoice, X-Line Asset Management reserves the right to charge you $500.00 to cancel the invoice and will forward your information to our credit report bureau. You will have an opportunity to preview your bid is processed. Please be careful and mindful before you bid.

7. How will I know if I am a winner?
When the auction closes, you’ll be notified by email if you have won with your winning bid and quantity won. An invoice will also be sent to you with final bid price, buyers premium and any applicable taxes. If you are a reseller with a valid reseller certificate, please fax it to us at (415) 294-7027. You can also check the “My Account” page to see what activity you have had.
PLEASE NOTE: no invoices will be sent by our email system until all of the auctions have closed, so if you think you won, be patient as some of the other auctions may have not closed, all notifications will be sent out at the close of ALL auctions.

8. Who is responsible for shipping?
The buyers are responsible for all rigging and shipping of the assets won. Once an invoice has been paid in full, X-Line will provide the buyer will the information on removal for the lots purchased. The buyer will bear all costs associated with removal of the equipment.

9. How do I change my account information?
To change any account information, go to the my account page. You will need your user id and password to access this page.
PLEASE NOTE: you must get changes in before the close of an auction for them to take effect for that auction.

10. Do you accept International customers?
Yes. Much of the equipment we sell will travel outside the country. International customers are welcome to come and bid often.

11. Why won’t my password work?
Passwords are case sensitive so it may be that you didn’t enter it exactly as you did when you chose it. If you would like X-Line to email you your password or user id, please send an email to and we will email you with your information.

12. Are there different options for payment?
Yes. X-Line Asset Management accepts payments via wire transfer, certified check, company check, branch deposit (Wells Fargo), ACH. X-Line does NOT accept credit cards as a form of payment.

13. What is X-Line Asset Management’s wire transfer information?
Invoices can be paid via wire transfer to the following account. Please contact X-Line Assets for more information

14. Why do I have to supply my credit card information online?
X-Line Asset Management requires a valid credit card on file for all active bidders. Your valid credit card information is used to verify your identity and eligibility. We value your privacy and all information is kept secure, confidential, and encrypted. For additional information, please see our privacy statement. Without a valid credit card your account will be suspended.

15. Are there any charges to open an account or place a bid?
There are no fees to open an account or place a bid. Your credit card will only be charged if you want to pay for an invoice via credit card or if you back out of bids.

“I have bought pre-owned
equipment through XLINE
for years and it’s always been
a positive experience.”
— Factory Owner, Brisbane, CA
“The online auction model is
so smart. It always saves
time and money.”
— Factory Owner, New York, NY